A spunky breed of Mocchi available in Monster Farm Online and Monster Farm Lagoon. It wears an orange baseball cap and green backpack with a bedroll on top. This monster was created as a reference to the Mocchi in the anime series.

Unlike the basic Mocchi breed in these games, it does not have a tail and no color variants were ever released for Genkitchi.

Etymology Edit

Named for Genki Sakura, because it carries his baseball cap and backpack.


Game Description Image
Monster Farm Online Genkitchi MFO
Monster Farm Lagoon "A very cheerful monster." Genkitchi MFL


  • To obtain a Genkitchi in Monster Farm Online, use the DVD Monster Farm, Box 1 Vol. 1.
  • To obtain a Genkitchi in Monster Farm Lagoon, use


For more pictures and screenshots of Genkitchi, click here.

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