Role Villain
Origin Monster Rancher Advance 2
Home Unknown
Game(s) Monster Rancher Advance 2

Monster Rancher 4

Geras is a creepy criminal that you meet in several of the Monster Rancher games, and is always up to a new scheme. In Monster Rancher Advance 2, Geras attacks you, Gavin, Karnab and Holly after following you to the Malkt Ruins. He intends to loot the buildings and take any treasure for himself, and to that end he has been attacking and killing breeders in the Malkt Mountains for months.

Mr. Mardoc and Ayase both warn you at different times about strays attacking ranches on Age, and they believe Geras is behind it. He systematically attacks contenders in the tournaments he is planning to enter while they are resting at home, and Mardoc says AGIMA has even caught him lying about his rank so that he can enter lower-ranked tournaments and win lots of money.

Years later in Monster Rancher 4, it appears that Geras has turned to a life of all-out crime when he is caught stealing Mocchis from all over the continents and selling them to FIMBA breeders at super high prices (since FIMBA is having a Mocchi shortage at the time). At first it is difficult for Phayne to get involved, since he had a bad experience with a Mocchi in the past...but eventually Geras is stopped and Cortes helps bring him to justice.

Monsters OwnedEdit

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