Ghost MR1

Ghosts, first seen in the original Monster Rancher 1, are playable monsters not available at the start of the game. They assume a humanoid form, but have a tail instead of legs. Ghosts rely on speed and magic to defeat their opponents. They are usually characterized by their magic wands and enormous tops hats, which they can use to perform magic tricks. The species was originally designed to look spooky, but later took on a more comical appearance.

In order to get a Ghost in Monster Rancher 1, you must capture the soul of a previously-raised monster that is cursed and marked by a sign resembling a skull. Given that the process is very delicate, Ghosts are extremely rare and difficult to obtain.


In traditional belief and fiction, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear, in visible form or other manifestation, to the living.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 1 Ghost "He is the soul of the breeder's last monster." Ghost
Monster Rancher 2 Ghost "A dead monster that was loved by its trainer has turned into this one." Ghost MR2
Monster Rancher Battle Card "Descendant" A non-playable Ghost-like monster is the level boss of the Riost Estate. Riost Ghost
Monster Rancher Battle Card 2 Ghost For more info, see Ghost Cards. Ghost
Monster Rancher Explorer Ghost Non-playable Obstacle. Floats up and down and destroys any crate in its path. Can only be killed by shooting it. Ghost MREx
Anime Series Ghost For the characters, see Ghost Troops.


  • To obtain a Ghost in Monster Rancher 1, cruelly raise a Dark monster (Evil Hare, Monol, etc.) to Class C and let it die. You can hold a funeral for it or not (the outcome will not be affected). Unlock a new monster from the Shrine and enter the Class E Official Tourney (you do not have to win!). This will give you a 1 in 16 chance at having your monster be cursed. Holly will notice a strange mark on your monster the following week. Use this monster in combining for a Ghost. All ??? Ghosts will now be unlocked as well.
  • To obtain a Ghost in Monster Rancher 2, let a monster die. Colt will ask if you want to build a memorial shrine for it, so say yes. Every 140 weeks or so you will be asked to clean the shrine, so clean it twice. After that, you will get in trouble for not taking care of it. Colt will clean the shrine and find a Stick. Use this in combining with any two monsters.
  • To obtain a Ghost Card in Monster Rancher Battle Card 2, use


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