A list of all the Gitan techniques throughout the games.

Name Type Effect/Damage Guts Hit Rate Range Description

Monster Rancher 3Edit

Turn Stab POW 20-24 26 41-45% Close Requires Aurora Stone
Thuk-Thuk POW 7-10 11 45-51% Close Requires Aqua Bit
Gang Dance INT Addled / 17-20 28 48-50% Close / Mid Requires Aurora Orb
Ear Slap POW 10-15 18 54-62% Mid Requires Aurora Bit
Skewer POW 34-39 32 33-42% Mid Requires Jade Stone
Flame Breath INT 34-36 32 34-40% Mid Requires Flare Stone
Thunderbolt INT Stun / 9-12 16 48-50% Mid Requires Jade Bit
Javelin INT Wince / 38-40 36 32-40% Far Requires Aqua Stone
Gang Raid INT 30 24 38-45% Far Requires Flare Bit
Gang Bomb POW 43-50 46 50-55% Far Requires Flare Orb
Crane POW Dizzy / 50-53 42 39-43% Far Requires Jade Orb
Balloon Pop INT 18-21 38 44-50% Far Requires Aqua Orb

Monster Rancher 4Edit

Stab POW E 12 C Close Can be effected by Element
Roller POW B 42 D Close Can be effected by Element
Drain INT Heal / B 52 D Close Steals Life.
Dance INT Cursed / C 48 D Mid
Ear Attack POW E 10 S Mid Can be effected by Element
Skewer POW B 29 S Mid
Breath INT Palsy / B 37 C Mid
Thunder INT Palsy / E 20 C Mid
Spear INT B 46 D Far Can be effected by Element
Attack INT Palsy / D 26 C Far
Bomb POW Palsy / B 47 S Far
Play Group Maximize -- Group

Monster Rancher EVOEdit

Dance Support Dodge 5 -- Any Requires 500 Anima to use
Stab POW C 18 B Close --> Cut Down
Cut Down POW B 18 B Close Requires 2200 Anima to use.
Roller POW A 14 A Close Requires 2100 Anima to use
Drain INT Heal / B 28 C Close Requires 2500 Anima to use
Ear Attack POW B 14 C Close --> Roller. Requires 500 Anima to use.
Breath INT Cursed 15 S Far Requires 1800 Anima to use
Spear INT B 16 C Far --> Thunder. Requires 800 Anima to use.
Thunder INT S 16 B Far Requires 2000 Anima to use
Attack INT C 19 B Far --> Bomb
Bomb INT B 19 B Far Requires 2300 Anima to use

Monster Rancher Advance 2Edit

Turn Stab POW A 42 D Close Requires 600 Pow. Learned in Power.
Thuk-Thuk POW D 12 C Close Requires 300 Pow.
Gang Dance INT Volt Shock / D 12 C Mid Requires 400 Int. Learned in Sense.
Ear Slap POW E 10 A Mid Requires 300 Pow.
Skewer POW E 29 A Mid Requires 500 in Spd. Learned in Speed.
Hell Breath INT A 37 B Mid Requires 400 Acc. Learned in Technic.
Lightning INT Volt Shock / C 20 B Mid Requires 400 Int. Learned in Sense.
Javelin INT B 46 D Far Requires 400 Def. Learned in Tough.
Gang Bomb POW A 47 A Far Requires 600 Int. Learned in Sense.

Monster Farm LagoonEdit

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