, the oddly-named underwater sanctuary, was a massive body of water in ancient times that allowed you to raise your monsters underwater. The waters of Goat were said to be extremely high in oxygen (possibly a side-effect of the world's largest oyster living there), explaining why and how land monsters were said to have no trouble living under the sea. Goat is one of the training locations in Monster Rancher 3 and its coast is a location in My Monster Rancher, possibly a location on the western edge of the Unamed Island.

It is said that there was a race of people who lived most of their lives underwater in Goat, ruled by a queen named Ogyo. These people built a large Octopee statue in the center of the estuary.

Since Goat no longer exists as a bay (probably filled in when the Western Continent was formed), it is now the name of the sea between the Eastern and Western Continents, and the waters surrounding Antalya Island are known as Goat Bay.

Its MR3 boss is the SeaLord and the MMR boss is a Warrior Z.