Gooji Anime
Role Baddie
Origin Episode 16: Great Battle at Sea
Home Sunken Temple
Episode(s) Episode 16: Great Battle at Sea
English Voice
Doc Harris
Japanese Voice
Keiichi Sonobe

This is about the anime character. For the monster itself, see Gooji.

Gooji (at one point called Zilla Kong on the show's English-dubbed monster rap, derived from his Japanese name, "Guzi-Kong" グジコーン) is the titanic leader of the Zilla troops in the anime series and the strongest soldier under Gali.

Season 1Edit

The Zillas attack the Searchers as they try to cross from continent to continent on The Jolly Roger. When they fail, the Zillas approach Gooji where he lives in a sunken temple and ask him to intervene. Apparently they are terrified of him, as well they should be.

Gooji is several times the size of a normal Zilla, making him one of the largest monsters on record. He and Captain Horn have had bad blood between them for a long time, and when Gooji attacks his ship, Horn is finally able to settle the score: the Searchers help beat Gooji into submission and then they tie him to the back of the ship and drop him in a large whirlpool in the middle of the ocean, where he presumably sinks to his death.