GoroNya MFT

A blue breed of stuffed doll monster that has a sharp horn on its forehead and wears orange, tiger-striped britches. It is the only Dolan sub-breed monster that exists up to this point, and it is unclear whether or not it possesses the same magnetic abilities.

Etymology Edit

Its name comes from the Japanese word goro goro, which can be an onomatopoeia for the sound of thunder or the purring of a cat. In this case, it may be both.


Game Description Image
Monster Farm Travel "The breeder's most popular monsters of Mew with a sub-type of Dolan. I think you have a breeder and are fine, Dolan derived breeders have a monster of the few I'm afraid yet? I did the "play area" where? In the play "mail" not "play area" which I've put in hand. Mew monsters of birth and e-mail, e-mail and unite the birth of Dolan, born percent chance of dozens! Because various monsters born in various other combinations, try to combine fast! Ah, but, at the same time because the monster that can be grown only one body, can play a new monster, only after a "farewell" and the monster you are training now!"


  • To obtain a GoroNya in Monster Farm Travel, use


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