Role Security
Origin Episode 18: Our Friend Henger Forever
Home Electri-City
Episode(s) Episode 18: Our Friend Henger Forever
Episode 26: Melcarba
English Voice
Ted Cole
Japanese Voice
Kenichi Ogata

Hengers are robot monsters seen several times throughout the anime series.

Season 1Edit

A Henger makes a cameo appearance in the city of Aurora in the first episode.

The Searchers stumble upon a lost city that is still run by programmed Hengers and their caretaker, Tecno Dragon. When Genki and his friends try to explain to them that the ancient war is over and that there is no reason to stay in the city any longer, the Hengers' programming will not allow them to leave. When one of them malfunctions, he is finally able to see the truth for himself, but was banished as a result. He helps the Searchers retrieve the Magic Stone from the other Hengers and Techno Dragon, and is almost destroyed in the escape, but fortunately survives. He is offered a position with the Searchers, and while honored, ultimately declines in order to try to teach the other Hengers about free will, which the Searchers accept and wish him luck.

When the Searchers come upon the Robot Manufacturing Plant, they see part of a video explaining how the robots are built. This includes the Hengers. They are also seen being manufactured as weapons in the flashback during Monol's story about the Ancient Wars.

As revealed by Pixie, the banished Henger that the Searchers befriended became part of a resistance, led by Jim, along with several other good humans and monsters, fighting against Master Moo's army in other places. He is shown giving his courage to the Phoenix in the final battle, boosting its power to fight the now-berserk Moo.


  • Napalm Blast

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