Husky Gill MR4
Husky Gill

A blue furry breed of Ogyo that has two small horns on its head to crack the ice in the frigid waters of the Pangaean oceans. Its fur keeps it not only insulated from the cold, but also waterproof. It is more like a seal than a fish.


Named for the husky, a breed of arctic dog, and for the fact that it has gills like a fish.


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 4 "The Husky Gill loves the cold ocean water. Because it's always right there when the floating ice comes in, everyone fondly calls it the 'Messenger of Winter.'"
Monster Farm DS Husky Gill MFDS
Monster Rancher DS "The Husky Gill loves to swim in frigid ocean waters. It often glides along with drift ice, earning it the nickname of 'Winter's Harbinger.'"
My Monster Rancher "Its deep blue body color and mane are popular with boys. It leaps readily, and once it has escaped it's tough to catch again." Husky Gill MMR

Obtaining Edit

  • To obtain a HuskyGill in Monster Rancher 4, use
  • To obtain a HuskyGill in Monster Farm DS, use
  • To obtain a Husky Gill in Monster Rancher DS, combine an Ogyo (main) and a Tiger (sub).
  • To obtain a Husky Gill in My Monster Rancher, use

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