IMa symbol
was the second monster battle organization to be created, and its domain covers Bubalook Island and Kawrea. IMa stands for the International Monster Association and is known for their great pomp. IMa sponsors many famous breeders around the world and is definitely the most competitive of the Monster Associations.

Later, IMa, FIMBA and AGIMA worked together to create a school where all of the organizations could intermingle and learn from each other, called the Elives School. Games that include IMa are: Monster Rancher 2 and Monster Rancher 4. IMa is also the monster association that Genki and Mocchi join in the anime series. IMa is headquartered in the IMa Tower, part of the Torble University campus.

IMa was created with the FIMBA model in mind. IMa has been concentrating its efforts on monster battles, and as a result, makes use of grueling Training Gadgets to strengthen their monsters more extensively than other organizations. Some monsters, unable to bear the relentless training, run away. In recent years, the increase in stray monsters has developed into a serious problem.
-"Regarding IMa" MR4


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