Role Shrine Master
Origin Monster Rancher EVO
Home Tochika
Game(s) Monster Rancher EVO

Izanami is the High Priestess (the female version of the Shrine Master) of the Tochikan shrine during the time of Monster Rancher EVO. She is Nayuta's mother and is very skilled in regeneration magic. It is also her job to guard the gate to the world of Warp.

Izanami was secretly in love with Falon, a prince of the Warp world, despite being courted by one of the other villagers, Kazuma. Eventually, he was elected as the village leader and grew bitter that Izanami had had a child with an outsider. When Nayuta returns to Tochika with her troupe, they find Izanami unconscious in the woods and Dilong tending her wounds. His explanation that she was his brother's wife prompts Izanami to tell Nayuta the truth about her father.


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