This is about the anime character. For the monster itself, see Jagd Hound.

Jagd Hound is a noble monster who swears to protect the baby of his master in the anime series.

Season 2Edit

Jagd Hound attacks the Searchers seemingly for no reason. After he realizes he's outmatched, he takes off and Tiger gives chase. He follows him back to a cave where Jagd Hound is reporting to Lilim and her Evil Hare troops. He overhears that Lilim is holding a human baby hostage--a baby that belonged to Jagd Hound's former master. Just before village of _____ was destroyed by the baddies, Jagd Hound's master sent the child away with him so that they would be safe.

When she learns about the escape, Lilim sees an opportunity to get at the Searchers without endangering herself, so she kidnaps the child and holds it hostage. Unfortunately, Tiger is discovered before he can hear the rest of the conversation, and Lilim orders Jagd Hound to kill him in order to get the baby back.

Just as they begin to fight, one of the Evil Hares shows up, hoping to witness Tiger's destruction.

Jagd Hound returns to Lilim just as the Searchers arrive, demanding to know where Tiger is. In response, Jagd Hound tosses them a Lost Disc, claiming that he murdered their friend. Lilim is so pleased...until Jagd Hound turns on her and Tiger apears, holding the baby's basket in his mouth. They reveal that they came up with a plan: Tiger killed the Evil Hare and Jagd Hound used its disc as a distraction while Tiger saved the baby.

Lilim is infuriated at being tricked and tries to attack them, but the Evil Hares are quickly defeated and are forced to retreat. Lilim retreats, and Jagd Hound is reunited with the baby. Jagd Hound parts ways with the Searchers on good terms, planning to take the baby to a safe place.

According to Pixie when she, Big Blue, and the Falcon's Dragon Army return to help in the fight against Master Moo, Jagd Hound is part of a resistance, led by Jim, fighting against Moo's armies, along with several other good humans and monsters the Searchers befriended during their journey. This indicates that he completed his mission of getting the baby to a safe location and joined the fight against Moo.


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