A list of all the Jell techniques throughout the games.

Name Type Effect/Damage Guts Hit Rate Range Description

Monster Rancher 1Edit

Stab POW D 11 B Close
Slap POW D 16 A Close Learned in Accuracy
Suffocate POW A 50 B Close Learned in Defense
Whip POW D 14 B Mid-Close
Punch POW B 22 A Mid-Close Learned in Accuracy
Spit INT C 17 C Mid-Far Learned in Speed
Cannon INT B 18 C Mid-Far Learned in Life
Beam Cannon INT A 21 C Mid-Far Learned in Life
Fly Swatter POW D 21 C Mid-Far Learned in Intelligence
Leg Stomp POW S 40 B Far Learned in Power
Spray INT B 21 B Far Learned in Speed
Insecticide INT C 23 B Far Learned in Intelligence

Monster Rancher 2Edit

Stab POW D 11 C Close --> Pierce
Pierce POW C 21 C Close
Suffocation POW Sharp / C 24 B Close
Blood Suction POW B 40 E Close Requires 450 Power to use. Steals Life.
Whip POW D 14 A Mid-Close --> Two Whips
Two Whips POW C 22 A Mid-Close
Jell Cube POW C 16 E Mid-Close --> Three Cubes
Three Cubes POW B 23 D Mid-Close
Jell Press POW C 30 A Mid-Close
Jell Top POW D 17 S Mid-Far --> Spiked Top
Spiked Top POW C 28 A Mid-Far
Fly Swatter POW Wither / D 27 C Mid-Far --> Fly Smasher
Fly Smasher POW Wither / C 39 D Mid-Far
Beam Gun INT Sharp / D 18 C Mid-Far --> Beam Cannon
Beam Cannon INT Sharp / C 35 C Mid-Far
Cannon INT S 35 D Far
Slingshot INT Wither / E 18 D Far
Pyramid INT A 40 E Far Requires 450 Int. to use
Gatling Gun INT B 45 S Far
Jell Copter INT S 50 A Far Requires 450 Int. to use

Monster Rancher 3Edit

Jell Hammer POW 24-29 13 32% Close Requires Jade Bit
Jell Charge POW 12-15 11 50% Close Requires Aurora Bit
Jell Swallow POW 32-38 25 35% Close Requires Aurora Stone
Jell Wall POW Slow / 22-26 26 61% Close Requires Jade Stone
Jell Sweep POW Dizzy / 15 15 42-51% Mid Requires Aqua Bit
Jell Combo POW 40 36 54-61% Mid Requires Flare Stone
Jell Hypnosis INT Addled / 8 20 49% Mid Requires Aqua Stone
Jell Spa INT Heal / 34 40 39-48% Mid Requires Aqua Orb. Steals Life.
Jell Missile INT Suicide / 58-67 52 50% Mid Requires Flare Orb
Jell Cannon INT 30 24 40-48% Far Requires Flare Bit
Jell Swing POW 47 45 41-46% Far Requires Jade Orb

Monster Rancher 4Edit

Jell Punch POW C 11 A Close
Jell Kick POW D 15 C Close
Jell Upper POW A 16 D Close
Launcher INT B 28 D Mid
Hurricane INT Slow / D 22 D Mid
Jell Attack INT B 36 D Mid
Hammer POW B 20 C Mid
Jell Smash POW S 32 D Far
Helicopter INT B 38 D Far
Jell Tank INT A 53 C Far
Jell Cannon INT B 24 D Far
Jell Crash POW A 40 D Far
Energize Group -- -- Group Boosts Guts for all three monsters.

Monster Rancher EVOEdit

Adrenaline Support 5 Any Requires 500 Anima to use.
Jell Punch POW C 14 B Close Requires 700 Anima to use
Launcher INT C 19 B Close
Jell Smash POW A 14 A Close Requires 2100 Anima to use
Jell Copter INT B 19 B Close Requires 2200 Anima to use
Hurricane INT C 15 B Far
Jell Marine INT A 15 S Far Requires 2200 Anima to use
Jell Hammer POW A 16 D Far Requires 900 Anima to use
Jell Tank INT B 17 B Far Requires 2300 Anima to use
Jell Cannon INT B 17 C Far Requires 500 Anima to use
Jell Crash POW S 16 D Far Requires 2000 Anima to use

Monster Rancher Battle Card 2Edit

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