Role Hero


Origin Monster Rancher EVO
Home Orcoro Circus
Game(s) Monster Rancher EVO

Julio is the default name for the character that you use in Monster Rancher EVO.

Now a teenager, Julio was born into a poor family and was orphaned at a young age. Later, he was taken in by the Orcoro Circus for his ability to play the accordion, and his easy way with monsters. He has white hair that sticks up in a cowlick, so Nayuta playfully nicknames him "Pointy Head."

Julio claims to not remember much about his life before the circus, but is troubled at the beginning of the game after a Mocchi that he was training left the circus to die. Despite protests from the other circus members, Julio believes he may have pushed it too hard. Nevertheless, he is in charge of training the monsters in the circus, and his dream is to someday become a professional monster breeder.

Monsters OwnedEdit

Debut Name Monster Description
Monster Rancher EVO Uknown Mocchi Left the circus in the pre-game video.
Monster Rancher EVO [You chose the name] Piroro Given to you by Nayuta.

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