Kalkas are floating, lustrous ore monsters that cannot speak or eat, but are still sentient. They come in all different colors, each with a different element associated with it. Introduced in Monster Farm Online and developed in Monster Farm Lagoon as enemy monsters.

There is a chance they could have been inspired by the Blue Flame obstacles from the Monster Rancher Explorer game. While most Kalka breeds have their own element that they draw from, the basic Kalka can draw from any element, and its attack and defense change accordingly. For instance, if it absorbs Ice, its attacks will become frost attacks and it will be suceptible to Fire.

Most of their proposed sub-types are robotic monsters created through the refining of their metallic element (hypothetically of course, since Kalkas are not combinable as of yet). They seem to be able to float using magnetic fields, much like Tri-Yak, and they can send out waves of explosive energy but still re-form themselves.

Etymology Edit


Game Name Description Image
Monster Farm Online Kalka Non-Playable Enemy Monster
Monster Farm Lagoon Kalka Non-Playable Enemy Monster
Monster Rancher Explorer Red Flame Non-playable obstacle. Sits in one place blocking your path. Using the A Button causes it to shrink for a short amount of time, enabling you to jump over it. If it falls from any distance it will extinguish itself. Red Flame MREx


See here for a complete list of Kalka Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Kalka, click here.

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