Kawrea (called Kowlea in the anime series and spelled Kaurea in some of the games) is a small tropical island off the eastern coast of Bubalook Island. It is famous for the Gemini Volcano, known to be a Phoenix regeneration site (which you can explore in Monster Rancher 2) and for the fact that many dinosaur monsters prefer the climate there (thus the Pteranodon and T-Rex obstacles on the errantry in the games).

The Searchers travel there on The Jolly Roger to attend the World Cup there, and also get to treat themselves to IMa's Training Park, which is located on the southwestern coast of the island.

The only main city on the island is the Port of Kawrea (although the Training Park is large enough to be considered one too), and the Bubalook government retains control of the island. Because it is largely undeveloped, it has no capital city. The island itself is one of the six errantry locations in Monster Rancher DS, and yields the best results in the Fall and Spring.

Most native Kawreans have dark or bright blue hair.

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