King Marche
King Marche
Role King
Origin Monster Rancher EVO
Home Marche Castle
Game(s) Monster Rancher EVO

King "Ironwall" Marche is the rather rotund ruler of the Marche Kingdom, which encompasses much of the Western Continent. His wife Selena and his daughter Marlene are both very beautiful, but even surrounded by his easy-going family the king is always uptight because he is hiding a powerful secret-- he harbors an ancient monster king living in the catacombs beneath his castle.

The king also has a special hatred for the Orcoro Circus and Albert in particular, whom he believes to be responsible for his daughter's kidnapping. It turns out she actually ran away because of how grouchy he always seemed.

Despite these shortcomings, Marche really does seem to love his people. The capital city of Campana is always celebrating festivals and hosting monster battles, and the people seem very happy.

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