Kulu is an unobtainable enemy monster breed from Monster Farm Online and Monster Farm Lagoon. They resemble badgers, porcupines, and tanuki (raccoon dogs), though some varieties look more like armadillos. The basic breed is weak against ice attacks. A particularly powerful Kulu named Kuarikaru is the level boss of level 1 of the Hills of Rusetara.

Kulus have a lot of tail attacks and a few biting ones, and they are really fast and light on their feet. As enemies, they often swarm you in closed rooms where there isn't much hope of escape. As pets, they are playful and cuddly, although sometimes a bit skittish.

Kulus are given a reference in My Monster Rancher with the creation of Tanuta, another raccoon-dog monster. Also, one of the places you can explore in the game is called "The Room of Strange Raccoon Dogs."

Etymology Edit


Game Description Image
Monster Farm Online Level 1-2 Non-Playable Enemy Monster seen during the daytime on levels 1 & 2 of the Hills of Rusetara. Cer
Monster Farm Lagoon Non-Playable Enemy Monster seen on Toritak Island, Karuma Island, the Kureseto Basin and the eastern side of the Kunareya Ruins. CerMFL


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