Sir Lambert
Role Breeder
Origin Monster Rancher EVO
Home Marche Castle
Game(s) Monster Rancher EVO

Lambert is the elderly butler to the royalty of Western Continent. He helped raise Marlene and is still a close trusted advisor to King Marche.

Lambert loves to ramble on about the good 'ole days and is one of those people who seems to have done and seen everything (and garnered quite a few nicknames in the process....he calls himself at least ten during the course of Monster Rancher EVO), and at first it is hard to take him seriously. But after he single-handedly stops Dotty and Petty from breaking into the palace, he reminds everyone why he was selected as the king's personal breeder--not only does he have military training of his own, but Lambert spent years under the title of the best breeder in all of Marche.

Later, when the king becomes unreasonable, Lambert helps you escape the guards and allows Marlene and Albert to sneak into the castle through a series of tunnels he built long ago. After the king reconciles with his daughter, he sends Lambert with the circus on their journey to watch over and assist her. He is instrumental in unlocking the Durahan, but starts to feel very weak after helping you navigate through the Mao Mao Jungle.

Monsters OwnedEdit

Debut Name Monster Description
Monster Rancher EVO Battle Rocks Battle Rocks Used against you in the Royal Tournament.
Monster Rancher EVO Durahan Durahan Used against the Violet Cats and against you in the Royal Tournament.
Monster Rancher EVO Battleleon Battleleon Used against you in the Royal Tournament.


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