A list of all the Lesione techniques throughout the games.

Name Type Effect/Damage Guts Hit Rate Range Description

Monster Rancher 3Edit

Fin Slap POW Wince / 10 11 45-54% Close Requires Jade Bit
Head Slap POW Dizzy / 25-31 17 32% Close Requires Flare Bit
Tail Whip POW 22-27 23 50% Close Requires Aqua Bit
Showtime POW Addled / 40 47 40-48% Close Requires Jade Stone
Submerge POW 35-42 36 55% Mid Requires Jade Orb
LesiHorn INT 12 20 54% Mid Requires Aurora Bit
Water Gun INT 33 32 36% Mid Requires Aqua Stone
Tsunami INT 50-57 50 50% Far Requires Aqua Orb
Sole POW Wince / 26 26 43-52% Far Requires Flare Stone
Boomerang INT 31 40 48-57% Far Requires Aurora Stone

Monster Rancher 4Edit

Fin Slap POW C 11 D Close Can be effected by Element
Head Slap POW B 17 D Close Can be effected by Element
Tail Whip POW B 23 C Close Can be effected by Element
Submerge POW Slow / B 36 A Mid
LesiHorn INT Addled / D 20 C Mid
Water Gun INT Slow / B 38 D Mid
Tsunami INT Slow / B 50 C Far
Showtime POW A 47 C Far Can be effected by Element
Spike POW A 26 A Far Can be effected by Element
Boomerang INT B 40 E Far Can be effected by Element
Grace Wave Group  -- All S Group Restores all Life to all three monsters.

Monster Rancher EVOEdit

Grace Wave Support -- 5 -- Any Negates any Effects Lesione is experiencing. Requires 500 Anima to use.
Fin Slap POW D 13 A Close --> Head Slap
Head Slap POW B 13 A Close Requires 2100 Anima to use
Tail Whip POW C 18 B Close --> Submerge. Requires 700 Anima to use.
Submerge POW B 18 B Close Requires 2200 Anima to use
LesiHorn INT Dizzy / E 12 S Close Requires 1800 Anima to use
Water Gun INT B 20 B Far --> Tsunami. Requires 900 Anima to use.
Tsunami POW A 20 B Far Requires 2300 Anima to use
Spike POW B 16 C Far --> Tri-Spike
Tri-Spike POW S 16 B Far Requires 2000 Anima to use
Boomerang POW D 8 S Far Requires 700 Anima to use

Monster Rancher AdvanceEdit

Fin Slap POW Wince / D E E 17 14 13 B E E Any
Head Slap POW Stagger / C C D 18 15 14 D E E Any
Tail Whip POW Stagger / C C D 26 22 20 B D D Any
Submerge POW B B C 43 37 31 A A C Any
LesiHorn INT Wince / D D E 30 26 22 B B D Any
Water Gun INT


44 38 32 D D E Any
Tsunami INT S S A 64 59 51 B B B Any
Spike POW B B C 34 31 27 C C C Any
Boomerang INT B B C 51 47 41 B B B Any

Monster Rancher Advance 2Edit

Raoshing Block Block B Any Requires a Soulmate bond.
Clausen Any Requires a Soulmate bond.
Fin Slap POW D 17 B Close Requires 300 Pow.
Head Slap POW C 18 D Close Requires 300 Pow.
Tail Whip POW C 26 B Close Requires 500 Spd. Learned in Speed.
Submerge POW B 37 A Mid Requires 600 Spd. Learned in Speed.
LesiHorn INT Addled / D 26 B Mid Requires 400 Int. Learned in Sense.
Water Gun INT B 38 D Mid Requires 400 Acc. Learned in Technic.
Tsunami INT A 51 B Far Requires 500 Def. Learned in Tough.
Spike POW C 27 C Far Requires 400 Pow. Learned in Power.
Boomerang INT C 41 C Far Requires 500 Acc. Learned in Technic.

Monster Farm DSEdit

Monster Rancher DSEdit

Fin Slap POW D 20 B Close Learned in Trigonon
Head Slap POW D 20 C Close Learned in Trigonon
Tail Whip POW B 30 D Close Learned in Trigonon
Submerge POW C 30 B Mid Learned at Dendron
LesiHorn INT Wither / A 60 A Mid Learned at Gupuka
Water Gun INT B 24 D Mid Learned in Ugalu
Tsunami INT B 45 A Far Learned on Kawrea
Showtime POW B 45 B Far Learned at Erips
Spike POW A 45 B Far Learned in Ugalu
Boomerang INT C 24 B Far Learned at Erips
Name Scroll Description

My Monster RancherEdit

Fin Slap Scroll of Basic Techniques, Pt. 2 +20% Power
Ultra Fin Assault Scroll of Super Techniques, Pt. 2 +90% Power
Head Slap Red Scroll of Secrets +30% Power
Tail Press Scroll of Low-Level Techniques Learned in Level 3 or 4. +20% Life.
Showtime Scroll of Special Techniques, Pt. 2 Current Fame x .5% raise in Defense
Onstage Blue Scroll of Secrets Current Loyalty x 2 raise in Defense
Body Press Yellow Scroll of Secrets +30% Life
Flying Press Scroll of High-Level Techniques Learned in Level 12. +40% Life.
LesiHorn Green Scroll of Secrets +30% Intelligence
Water Gun Learned in Level 7. +30% Accuracy.
Tsunami Scroll of Derived Techniques +40% Intelligence
Huge Tsunami Scroll of Special Techniques, Pt. 1 +60% Intelligence
Spike Scroll of Basic Techniques, Pt. 1 +20% Defense
Water Rifle Magenta Scroll of Secrets +40% Accuracy
Hydro-Breath Scroll of Ultimate Secrets, Pt. 2 +200% Intelligence
Splash Cyan Scroll of Secrets +20% Speed
Surfing Attack Scroll of Super Techniques, Pt. 1 +80% Life
Carnival Night Scroll of True Awakening Techniques +120% Defense
Whirlpool Scroll of Awakening Techniques -50% opponent's Speed
Water Jail Scroll of Ultimate Secrets, Pt. 1 -120% opponent's Accuracy

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