Monster Rancher 1Edit

Monster Rancher 2Edit

Sand Golem the Golem

Burning Wall the Monol

Dark Cutter the Naga

Red Shell the ArrowHead

Crescent the Kato

Kamui the Tiger

Bighand the Jill

Mad Clay the Gaboo

Wild Saurian the Zuum

Bloody Eye the Hopper

Silver Face the ArrowHead

Zilla King (a.k.a. Whaley King) the Zilla

Magma Heart the Dragon

Punisher the Naga

Blue Phoenix (a.k.a. Bluzzard) the Phoenix

Monster Rancher 3Edit

Monster Rancher 4Edit

Dodongo the GolemEdit

Ariel the PixieEdit

Spartacus the RipperEdit

Balboa the DurahanEdit

Kelarino the HareEdit

Zevion the ZevionEdit

Monster Rancher EVOEdit

Maya the Maya

Ogglemock the Ogglemock

King Monolith the giant Monol

Daja the Daja

Maomao the Maomao

Anima Eater


Monster Rancher AdvanceEdit

Monster Rancher Advance 2Edit

Monster Farm DSEdit

Monster Rancher DSEdit

Centauros the JuniorEdit

King Monolithe the MonolEdit

King Cop the NagaEdit

King Arjwan the GaliEdit

Monster Farm OnlineEdit

Monster Farm LagoonEdit

Monster Farm TravelEdit

Monster Rancher Battle CardEdit

Monster Rancher Battle Card 2Edit

My Monster RancherEdit

A boss monster waits in the deepest section of an adventure area. If the monster is defeated, it might drop a Mystery Disc. The breeder's monster may also learn a new technique from the battle.