Magic monsters are only available in the original Monster Rancher 1, where they are rumored to be gods or deities in their original form. They have pointed ears, bald heads, and huge shoulders. They hide away in the bodies of Galis and Monols in order to interact with humans, being too shy to show themselves. Their true forms can only be exposed by using a mirror. You can learn the secrets of the Magic if you raise a monster to A Class and receive an invitation to the Gold Cup. The only opponent is a Magic named Soro, and the host of the tournament explains how to get one after you defeat him.

Magics can use all types of attacks effectively and are skilled in all areas. Although they are never playable again, there are references to them in future games, such as the Magic Bajarl in Monster Rancher 2 that has the same clothing.


Their name is probably a mistranslation of their Japanese name majin, which, according to Japanese legend, are evil spirits or deities.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 1


"An elusive and shy monster who's always in disguise." Magic MR1
Anime Series N/A The basic Magic breed does not appear. However several sub-species exist in the show.


  • To obtain a Magic in Monster Rancher 1, raise your monster's Intelligence over 400. On Jan. 2, Mr. Karnab will invite you to explore the Titus Temple ruins with him. Search Fleria's Temple in the NW corner for the Old Mirror. Once you have it, combine a PUREBREED Gali and a PUREBREED Monol with the item. All ??? Magics will now be unlocked as well.


See here for a complete list of Magic Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Magic, click here.

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