Role Tourney Opponent
Origin Episode 1: In the Beginning
Home Aurora
Episode(s) Episode 1: In the Beginning

This is about the anime characters. For the monster itself, see Magna.

Magnas are large brown Golems that appear several times in the anime series.

Season 1Edit

Magna is one of the first monsters to ever appear in the series, as it is the monster that Michael uses to face Genki's Pink Suezo in the videogame tournament.

Although the first Magna is just a simulation, a real Magna appears in the same episode in the Aurora city square.

In the Monster Rancher card game that is based on the anime series, it mentions that Genki meets a Magna atop Mt. Albista in one of the episodes, and that the monster gives the boy a boomerang as a sign of their friendship. However, this inexplicably never happens in the actual tv series.


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