Mayas are green panther monsters that are exclusive to Monster Rancher EVO. They can fly with large energy wings, and they appear to draw their power from the moon, but not much else is known about them. They tend to like living in solitude, in harmony with nature.

The first sighting of a Maya in the games is in the Devil's Forest, where one has raised a young boy named Tico. He thinks of Maya as his mother and you have to fight her in order to take him with you.

Although the main breed only appears in EVO, there was a lion-like species to be released in Monster Farm Online and a panther-like monster in Monster Farm Lagoon that has the same design, used as a non-playable enemy. It has been listed in the Maya family here.

Etymology Edit

The name Maya and its storyline about it being a mother to a human child is a reference to Maya, the mother of Buddha. Mayas all have Indian connections to their myths/names.


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher EVO Maya "A flexible monster with a glowing aura about its wings. When it's angry, it spreads this aura wide to fly into battle. With its wings wide open, it is beautiful yet cold in appearance." Maya MREvo
Monster Farm Online Lee Merck Designs were released for a new cat monster, but it was never actually implemented in the game. Lion Monster
Monster Farm Lagoon Teruga A non-playable enemy monster with the same design appears as a level boss. Teruga


  • To obtain a Maya in Monster Rancher EVO, wait until the battle against Dotty and Petty in the city of Grabad (Chapter 2). After you win, Nayuta will comment on the Crystal Flower that Tico got from his "mother." Mayas will now be available to regenerate.


See here for a complete list of Maya Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Maya, click here.

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