A list of all the Maya techniques throughout the games.

Name Type Effect/Damage Guts Hit Rate Range Description

Monster Rancher EVOEdit

Disperse All Support Dodge 4 -- Any Requires 500 Anima to use
Cutting Wing POW B 15 C Close --> Death Wing. Requires 600 Anima to use.
Death Wing POW S 15 B Close Requires 2100 Anima to use
Run-Through POW C 13 B Close --> Sky Walk
Sky Walk POW A 13 A Close Requires 2200 Anima to use
Shadow Cover INT D 16 C Far --> Evil Eye. Requires 800 Anima to use.
Evil Eye INT C 16 B Far Requires 2000 Anima to use
Light Cover INT Dizzy 12 S Far Requires 1900 Anima to use
Cutting Claw POW D 8 S Far Requires 700 Anima to use
Anger Blast INT B 18 B Far --> Shooting Rainbow
Shooting Rainbow INT B 18 B Far Requires 2300 Anima to use

Monster Farm Lagoon (Teruga)Edit

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