Mayor Morgan Donovan
Mayor Morgan
Role Mayor
Origin Monster Rancher EVO
Home Colno
Game(s) Monster Rancher EVO

Morgan Donovon (whom everyone calls "Mayor Morgan") is the 40-year old mayor of the tiny village of Colno whose enthusiasm and honesty have made him a popular leader. He tends to be forgetful and a little gullible, but he has a straight-forward personality with nothing to hide.

Morgan comes to the circus in Monster Rancher EVO asking for your help. A powerful monster keeps coming into the village and destroying the crops, and the village has set up a tournament to find the best monster breeder to defeat this monster. However, the tournament prize money (meant to fund the victor's journey through the Devil's Forest) has attracted several famous and powerful breeders from Pangaea who do not live in Colno and have no interest in helping the village. Mayor Morgan enlists your help as insurance; he asks you to win the tournament because he trusts you to use the prize money to help them. You can visit his house and meet his young son and housekeeper, although he tells you that he actually has six children.


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