Melcarba Anime
Role Weapon
Origin Episode 26: Melcarba
Home Robot Manufacturing Plant
Episode(s) Episode 26: Melcarba

Melcarba is a huge, tank-like robot that appears in the anime series. It is neither good nor evil, but runs on the programming it was created with during the War of the Ancients to destroy anything that could be a threat. It is much larger than most Beaclon species.

Season 2Edit

Genki's team accidentally awakens a Melcarba in an old factory and it percieves everything as a threat. It attacks and destroys the Jaggernauts who are after the Searchers for Master Moo, but then turns on the good guys, too. It takes them several tries before Hare is finally able to come up with a plan to stop its pursuit of them.

First, the team lures it inside an old tower and Golem knocks the building down on top of it to slow it down. Then Genki stabs it with a metal rod that allows it to be struck by lightning, frying its circuitry and stopping it in its tracks.


Related DataEdit

Game Description Image
Video Games For the monster breed, see Melcarba.


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