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A monster with the skin of a human and the emerald green scales of a fish. They come with all sorts of hair colors and styles, and are different from most Undines in that they are not entirely made of the elements. Much like Undine, however, Mermaids are referenced in later games by a Pixie/Lesione mix also named Undine. It is also mentioned in Monster Rancher 3 that Mermaids are responsible for the creation of the Shellincho.

Mermaids make a comeback in Monster Farm Lagoon as a raisable breed of Undine. Re-designed with bright blonde hair, they come in many color variants and with all sorts of different bathing suit tops, which can be chosen in Monster Farm Lagoon.

Etymology Edit

Mermaids are half-fish, half-women creatures that appear in legends from hundreds of countries across the globe, often seen by sailors.


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 2 "This monster appears in fairytales once in a while." Mermaid MR2
Monster Farm Lagoon Color Variants: Gray, Green, Purple.


  • To obtain a Mermaid in Monster Rancher 2, use the CD The Little Mermaid: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.
  • To obtain a Mermaid in Monster Farm Lagoon, use


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