The Mocchi Smugglers
Mocchi Smugglers
Role Villains
Origin Episode 64: Legend of the Great White Most
Home Unknown
Episode(s) Episode 64: Legend of the Great White Most

The Mocchi Smugglers are a group of career criminals who travel around Pangaea stealing Mocchis to sell on the black market. They break into the IMa Training Park in the anime series and kidnap a bunch of different types of Mocchis, using gas to knock them out and carting them away in their large iron bird to a temporary base in the Kawrea Mountains. Only Mocchi's quick thinking (and a little help from Most) saves the group from being sold into slavery.

Interestingly enough, it is never stated that Geras (another Mocchi thief from Monster Rancher 4) is part of the group, although he does have a striking resemblance to one of the men from the anime.


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