Mocks resemble old, dying oak trees with sinister faces carved into them. They usually have broken trunks, a long nose, two branches as arms and long, tentacle-like roots for locomotion. They are much like Ents or Treefolk from fantasy lore. Although they are only playable in Monster Rancher 2, Mocks may hold the record for the most non-playable appearances since. Several different notable types of trees are either helpers in the games or act as level bosses.

Mocks are one of the more challenging breeds to train. While they are very gifted in intelligence, they do not fare so well when it comes to the rest of their stats. However, they make up for it by having the second longest lifespan in Monster Rancher 2 (behind Wracky) and sticking around long enough to learn new techniques and up their poor stats. They don't have much variation in their attacks either, but they do have a few intelligence-based moves that can wither the opponents' Guts while causing serious damage. Mocks make for the best monsters to take during expeditions as their high intelligence and long lifespan make it very easy to find items in the special locations. The only thing to consider is their low power gains as they can have difficulty removing obstacles in their paths during expeditions.

Etymology Edit

Its name is a mistranslation of the Japanese word moku, which means "wood."


Game Name Description Image
Monster Rancher 2 Mock "This tree-like monster has a crooked character." Mock MR2
Monster Rancher 4 Spirit Tree No basic breed of Mock exists in this game, but one appears as a non-playable storyline element. Mockruji
Monster Rancher EVO OggleMock Non-Playable Boss Monster OggleMock MFL
Monster Farm Lagoon N/A No basic breed of Mock exists in this game, but several appear as non-playable level bosses. ToruruMock 2
Anime Series Mock For the characters, see Mock Troops.

Obtaining Edit

  • To obtain a Mock in Monster Rancher 2, visit the Items Shop on a non-sale week after reaching Rank 4, and Auntie Verde will give you some "Mysterious Seeds." Colt will plant the seeds by the river on the ranch, and eventually, a small tree will grow. This tree will gradually appear closer and closer to the barn as time passes, until one week, it will blossom with flowers. It will then die the following week and Colt will ask if you should water it. Do it, and after that, let one of your monsters die. The following week, a Mock will appear in the barn. You can now unlock them at the Shrine.


See here for a complete list of Mock Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Mock, click here.

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