Mockruji 2

A non-playable type of Mock that makes his first appearance in Monster Rancher 4 as a friend of Rio. He explains that he is a species of monster that call themselves the "Spirit Trees." These types of Mocks may be capable of mobility, but seem firmly planted. Later in the game, you learn that Training Gadgets, used to raise a monster's stats, require geonyte, a fuel that the Spirit Trees create. Mockruji reassures Phayne and Rio that, due to his age, he has a nearly unlimited supply of geonyte at his disposal.

Mockruji plays a role in the Raiden-unlocking quest. When Phayne reaches Class D, he is told that his Training Gadgets are malfunctioning. Mockruji then says that the geonyte feels like it's being sucked out of his roots. This prompts you to explore the Togle Caves and find Shiden, who is responsible for draining the geonyte.

Mockruji also later directs you to the Promiass Ruins to speak with Garp about Rio's repressed memory.

Etymology Edit


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 4 Non-Playable Story Element Mockruji

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