Momo MR3

Momos first appeared in Monster Rancher 3 as a replacement for Katos in Monster Rancher 2. They are chubby squirrel monsters that always seem slow and sleepy and carry large nuts with them that they can use as weapons in battle. They can climb trees and attack by dive-bombing or dropping the nut on opponents, scratching with their claws, or screeching loudly. Just like Kato, their claws seem to be retractable. Their fighting style is comprised mostly of Power and some rather unorthodox Intelligence moves, including the valuable ability to heal.

Many Momo sub-types inherit the quiet, sleepy nature of the Momo, and its lustrous tan and red fur. In keeping with the family, most Momo sub-breeds have double syllabled names, i.e. "Mo-Mo" and "Da-Da." Its sub-types also tend to have large nuts as weapons, or be connected with plant life in some way. Unfortunately, Momos didn't prove to be too popular with fans, so they only lasted for three game installations. It is the only monster family to appear in more than one game that keeps all of the exact same techniques.

Etymology Edit

Momo's name has many implications. Momo () is the Japanese word for peach (in the Japanese version of the game, it carries a peach pit instead of a walnut). "Momo" is also short for the Japanese dwarf flying squirrel Momonga (モモンガ). As a side note, Mo also means "fur" in Chinese.


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 3 "Momos like to be calm and move at their own pace. They always carry a large walnut for its aroma-theraputic effects." Momo MR3
Monster Rancher Advance N/A Momo MRA
Monster Rancher Advance 2 N/A Momo MRA2


  • To obtain a Momo in Monster Rancher 3, use
  • To obtain a Momo in Monster Rancher Advance, use the password Beck.
  • To obtain a Momo in Monster Rancher Advance 2, use the passwords Mahalin, Crab, or FArt.


See here for a complete list of Momo Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Momo, click here.

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