Monol (Anime)
Role Plot Device
Origin Episode 12: Monol's Story
Home Ancra Island
Episode(s) Episode 12: Monol's Story
Episode 47: Tears
English Voice
David Kaye

In the anime series, Genki and his team unlock an ancient Monol that knows a lot about the time before the monsters were sealed in discs. He frequently falls asleep during his stories, but he becomes a pivotal character in the fight against evil in the series.

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Monol is captured by the Baddies and brought as a prisoner to Mt. Kairus where he is interrogated for information about how to complete Moo's merge back into his old body. It is through Monol that they learn about the Final Gate and the Weed troops are sent to retrieve it.

Monol is later rescued by Falcon and taken to safety.

Related DataEdit

Game Description Image
Collector's Cards "He is generated from a disc that is found by Genki and his team. He tells them about the history of the ancient monster ranch. While he is talking, he seems to always fall asleep!"
Video Games For the monster breed, see Monol.