A list of all the Monol techniques throughout the games.

Name Type Effect/Damage Guts Hit Rate Range Description

Monster Rancher 1Edit

Tackle POW D 11 A Close
Probe Attack POW B 20 C Close Learned in Life
Sound Wave INT C 17 A Close Learned in Accuracy
Formation INT A 45 A Close Learned in Defense
Scratch POW C 24 C Mid-Close Learned in Intelligence
Bodyslam POW C 13 B Mid-Close
Sting POW A 25 B Mid-Close Learned in Life
Tackle-X POW A 35 A Mid-Close Learned in Power
Screech INT C 21 S Mid-Far Learned in Accuracy
Beam INT B 20 C Mid-Far Learned in Speed
Triple Beam INT B 24 B Far Learned in Speed
Warawara POW B 31 B Far Learned in Intelligence

Monster Rancher 2Edit

Charge POW D 10 A Close
Needle Stabs POW C 21 C Close --> Spike Stabs
Spike Stabs POW B 27 C Close --> Spike Bite
Ray INT C 35 B Close --> Double Rays. Requires 300 Int. to use
Double Rays INT B 40 B Close --> Triple Rays
Triple Rays INT B 45 C Close
Scratch POW Wither / D 20 C Mid-Close
Flattening POW D 12 A Mid-Close --> Flattening-L
Knock POW B 35 A Mid-Close --> Two Knocks
Two Knocks POW A 45 S Mid-Close --> Three Knocks
Three Knocks POW A 50 S Mid-Close
Spike Bite POW B 29 D Mid-Close
Screech INT D 25 S Mid-Far
Strange Light INT Sharp / C 18 D Mid-Far
Flattening-L POW D 15 A Mid-Far --> Flattening-X
Flattening-X POW C 20 B Far
Tentacles POW Wither / C 27 C Far
Sound Wave INT D 17 S Far
Beam INT Sharp / C 24 C Far --> Double Beams
Double Beams INT Sharp / B 29 D Far --> Triple Beams (good)
Triple Beams INT B 40 D Far

Monster Rancher EVO (King Monolithe)Edit

Monster Rancher Advance 2Edit

Charge POW E 10 B Close Requires 300 Pow.
Nail Stabs POW C 21 D Close Requires 300 Pow.
Triple Rays INT B 45 C Close Requires 600 Int. Learned in Sense.
Knock POW B 35 A Mid Requires 500 Def. Learned in Tough.
Spike Bite POW B 29 D Mid Requires 400 Pow. Learned in Power.
Light INT D 18 D Mid Requires 400 Def. Learned in Tough.
Tentacles POW D 24 D Far Requires 400 Spd. Learned in Speed.
Sound Wave INT Addled / E 17 A Far Requires 500 Int. Learned in Sense.
Volley INT B 40 D Far Requires 600 Acc. Learned in Technic.

Monster Rancher DSEdit

Charge POW C 30 B Close Learned in Trigonon
Needle Stabs POW A 45 C Close Learned at Erips
Triple Rays INT A 30 C Close Learned on Kawrea
Scratch POW C 24 B Close Learned in Trigonon
Flattening POW B 30 C Close Learned in Trigonon
Triple Knocks POW A 30 C Mid Learned at Dendron
Screech INT C 30 C Mid Learned in Ugalu
Strange Light INT C 24 B Mid Learned at Erips
Flattening-L POW B 45 B Mid Learned in Trigonon
Flattening-X POW B 30 B Far Learned in Ugalu
Sound Wave INT C 24 B Far Learned at Gupuka
Triple Beams INT B 45 B Far Learned on Kawrea
Name Scroll Description

My Monster RancherEdit

Needle Stabs Scroll of High-Level Techniques Learned in Level 12. +30% Accuracy.
Super Needle Stabs Magenta Scroll of Secrets +40% Accuracy
Mach Stab Scroll of Ultimate Secrets, Pt. 1 Current Level x 5% raise in Accuracy
Triple Rays Scroll of Special Techniques, Pt. 1 +60% Defense
Double Attack Learned in Level 7. +20% Power.
Triple Attack Red Scroll of Secrets +30% Power
Endless Attack Scroll of True Awakening Techniques +120% Power
Flattening Scroll of Basic Techniques, Pt. 2 +30% Life
Flattening-X Yellow Scroll of Secrets +40% Life
Sound Wave Cyan Scroll of Secrets -20% opponent's Speed
Triple Beams Scroll of Awakening Techniques +60% Intelligence
Trio Beam-X Scroll of Basic Techniques, Pt. 1 +30% Intelligence
Trio Beam-Y Green Scroll of Secrets +40% Intelligence
Omega Trio Beam Scroll of Super Techniques, Pt. 2 +80% Intelligence
Multi-Stage Attack Scroll of Special Techniques, Pt. 2 +60% Power
Form Alpha Scroll of Low-Level Techniques Learned in Level 3 or 4. +20% Defense.
Form Beta Blue Scroll of Secrets +40% Defense
Form Sigma Scroll of Derived Techniques +40% Defense
Form Omega Scroll of Super Techniques, Pt. 1 +80% Defense
Aegis Form Scroll of Ultimate Secrets, Pt. 2 +180% Defense

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