There have been at least 20 monster lords that have been mentioned throughout the series who have at one time controlled parts of Pangaea:

  1. Xevion (mentioned in MR4)
  2. Master Moo (mentioned in the anime series, EVO and MFL)
  3. Suzaku the Phoenix (mentioned in the anime series and MR4)
  4. Chaos Durahan (mentioned in MR4)
  5. Chaos Dragon (mentioned in MR4)
  6. Chaos Ripper (mentioned in MR4)
  7. Queen Ogyo (mentioned in MR3)
  8. Master Centauros (mentioned in MRDS)
  9. King Monolithe (mentioned in EVO and MRDS)
  10. King Cop (mentioned in MRDS)
  11. King Arjwan (mentioned in MRDS)
  12. King Ape (mentioned in MR2)
  13. Zilla King (mentioned in MR2)
  14. King Shiden (mentioned in MR4)
  15. Mao Mao (mentioned in EVO)
  16. BeataLord (mentioned in MR3)
  17. SeaLord (mentioned in MR3)
  18. ApeLord (mentioned in MR3)
  19. CobraLord (mentioned in MR3)
  20. Master Jill (mentioned in MR3)

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