Monster Rancher Collectible Card Game
Developer(s) Matt Forbeck
Publisher(s) Artbox
Release date(s) 2000
Genre Strategy
Game modes Multiplayer
Ratings Rated E
Platform(s) Card Game

Battle Card GameEdit

Monster Rancher is a collectible card game in which players battle each other with 60 card decks of monster cards, event cards, and battle cards. When a player wins a battle, he or she earns a Fame counter. The first player to have three Fame Counters wins.

There are 99 cards in the basic set and 33 foil versions of the rare cards that can be obtained from 2-player starter decks, theme decks, and booster packs. The starter deck comes with a 60-card deck, a set of fame counters, a play mat, and rules.

Anime Collector SetEdit

There is a second collectible card set that was released in conjunction with the anime series, and while it does not have gameplay associated with it, it included collectible figurines and information about characters from the show.