Monster Rancher Hop-A-Bout
Developer(s) Tecmo
Publisher(s) Tecmo
Release date(s) November 2000
Genre Action
Game modes Single player
Ratings Rated E
Platform(s) PlayStation

The Monster Rancher craze reaches new heights with this highly enjoyable platform game for the PlayStation. You'll choose which monster you want to control, then bounce your way through various races against a series of competitors. Sundry panels can be overturned to uncover power-ups and bonuses throughout each level, and each board plays out like an otherworldly obstacle course of sorts. One of the game's most amazing features is its Level Editor, which allows gamers to design their own courses that can be played alone or against friends. All such work can be saved to a memory card for later use, which could include trading original levels with buddies. The game's Versus mode is also a ton of fun, challenging gamers to make it all the way to the finish line in a side-by-side struggle.