Role Breeder
Origin Monster Rancher 3
Home Morx Forest
Game(s) Monster Rancher 3

Mosha is an elderly woman who lives in the Morx Forest with her cat (which looks like it may be a Mewitch?). She has been a Tochikan monster breeder for a long time and thinks it funny that they're allowing young people to train monsters too. Her cat seems very in tune with her emotions, and usually sits on her head and glares at you and Fleria. Mosha mostly owns forest-type monsters that rely on plant attacks, and she remarks that it should be interesting living in Morx with you young ones around.

Later in the game you discover that she and Bragma were contemporaries, and at one point she won a battle against him and took a precious item of his. Bragma has always been too afraid to ask for it back, but sends you and Fleria to ask her. Naturally, you have to battle for it, and if you win you discover that it is a love letter. Bragma wrote it to Mosha years ago but felt embarrassed about showing his emotions, so he fought her for the chance to win it back and lost.

Monsters OwnedEdit

Debut Name Monster Description
Monster Rancher 3 Unknown Mewitch? Only sits on her head. Never used in battle.
Monster Rancher 3 Elm Grilief
Monster Rancher 3 Shipure Marimba

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