Most is a powerful and famous White Mocchi who is one of the reigning champions of the Legend Cup tournament. Unlike his partner, Poritoka, Most is not arrogant but is wise and kind, albeit quite a loner. He even moonlights as a superhero, protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Most also does freelance work in Torble, hosting open sparring matches to raise money for charity.

In the Anime (Season 3)Edit

The Searchers first watch him fight in Episode 50 and easily beat Battle Rocks, his opponent. Mocchi decides then and there that he wants the chance to meet this powerful monster. In Episode 64 Mocchi actually gets to meet Most face-to-face when a group of thieves kidnap some Mocchis from the IMa Training Park. Most saves Mocchi, and together they track down the bad guys. Mocchi tells Most about his dream to win the Legend Cup and save Holly's father, and Most tells Mocchi that the key to success is to believe in yourself and to tune out everything except what matters most to you in the heat of battle.

After seeing Most in action and realizing how kind he is, Mocchi has new determination and reaches the Legend Cup in no time. After watching his victory over Poritoka, Most congratulates Mocchi and says he looks forward to their match. But the next day when the match is delayed because of the rain, Most comes to Mocchi with a confession: years before he had faced a powerful Mocchini in a match and killed him by accident. He asks Mocchi if he wants to withdraw, but Mocchi decides that to do so would dishonor all of the other opponents he had faced in the last year. Most respectfully agrees, and the two enter the arena.

Most fights hard against Mocchi, and about halfway through the match you can tell that he's starting to get a little bit frustrated that he can't gain the upper hand (he snaps at the judges once or twice). But eventually Mocchi falls to him and is counted out, and Most wins the Legend Cup once more.

That evening, Most returns to his iron bird to find Gobi, Mum Mew and Poison breaking into it in hopes of finding the Magic Stone. He beats them back and sends them running, but it reminds him of the story Mocchi told him about Holly's father and Moo being locked in the Dark Disc. The next morning, he approaches the Searchers and gives them the stone, also lending them his iron bird so that they can search for the Shrine of the Ancients. He waves goodbye to them, hoping that they can keep their world from plunging into darkness once again.

In the GamesEdit

Just like on the show, Most is one of the tournament opponents that you must beat to win the Legend Cup in Monster Rancher 2.


  • Aura Sphere


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