Mr. Karnab
Mr. Karnab
Role Administrator


Origin Monster Rancher 1
Home Ryuwn
Game(s) Monster Rancher 1

Monster Rancher 2

Monster Rancher Advance 2

Monster Rancher 4

Mr. Karnab is the chairman of the board of FIMBA and a world-renowned explorer. He is also a bit nutty it seems, and as much as he's a likeable man, in his old age he begins to let fulfilling his goals surpass his love for the monsters he's sworn to protect.

He first approaches you in Monster Rancher 1 asking for help with expeditions after hearing about your rise to fame, but goes by the name "Karn" so as not to have his identity discovered. You see he and Holly again in Monster Rancher 2 as your opponents in the IMa vs. FIMBA Amnity Cup, and it appears that they have grown quite close because he later follows her to Age Island in Monster Rancher Advance 2 to ask for more exploration help. Apparently, Mr. Mardoc won't allow Karnab to explore the Malkt Mountains and Karnab tries to wheedle Holly into helping push it through. Holly resists, saying that last time she caved and went on an expedition with him, they were attacked by 40 stray Dragons.

In Monster Rancher 4, Karnab comes to you for help once you reach B Class because an expedition team of his went missing in the Kalaragi Rainforest. Eventually, though, you learn that Karnab knew of the cruel monster modification going on within his very organization, and did nothing to stop it, hoping it would give them an edge against IMa's superior training program.