Musute are a species of insect monsters that serve as non-playable enemies in the Monster Farm Online and Monster Farm Lagoon series. Some types are quite large and serve as Level Bosses, while others are smaller and provide minor annoyance. They seem to be a cross between a fly and a praying mantis, and some types have stingers and varying numbers of wings.

A specifically powerful Musute named GaruMusute (level 10) resides on level 2 of Monster Farm Online.

Etymology Edit


Game Name Description Image
Monster Farm Online Musutereo / GaruMusute Non-Playable Enemy Monster seen on levels 1-3 during the day and levels 1-2 at night. 23 0 MUSUTE
Monster Farm Lagoon Musute Non-Playable Enemy Monster seen on Toritak Island, Karuma Island, Sorubano and the Isle of Dancing. Musute MFO


See here for a complete list of Musute Techniques.


For more pictures and screenshots of Musute, click here.

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