My Monster Rancher
Developer(s) Mobage, Inc.
Publisher(s) Tecmo
Release date(s) December 1, 2011
Genre Life simulation game
Game modes Single player
Ratings Rated 4+
Platform(s) iOS, Android

My Monster Rancher (known as One Million Person Monster Farm in Japan) marks the first time the beloved monster breeding series comes to your smartphone. Fans of the series will recognize popular critters such as the adorable Mocchi or the devilish Suezo. Use your wits as a breeder to train and battle your monsters, or send them on adventures looking for hidden treasure. Visit your friends and work together to see who can be the best monster rancher in the world!

My Monster Rancher is powered by Mobage, the best, free, social gaming network.

Story Edit

Gameplay Edit

My Monster Rancher differs slightly from the traditional gameplay style of the series. The basic method of training and fighting is still present, but there aren't any animations for either. In addition, many features require the player to pay cash (such as buying some items and resting, though your monster can rest if you wait a couple of minutes while not doing anything). Monster generation is done via purchasing disk stones from the shop for some breeds. Adventures return as well, and work in the same basic fashion of the previous games (however your Monster will not tire when on one). The graphics are a mix of 2D and 3D artwork. Additional quests and events are being released regularly.

Acquiring Monsters Edit

Monster Battles Edit

Missions / Adventures Edit

There are missions that unlock items, some missions include raising your class and adding Monsters to the in-game wiki. The battles are now based off of comparing stats instead of the traditional fighting system. Monsters can still use techniques, however they only increase or decrease stats.



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