Naga (Anime)
Role Big Bad Four Member
Origin Episode 07: The Courageous Seven
Home Naga's Castle
Episode(s) Episode 07: The Courageous Seven

Episode 08: After the Rain

Episode 27: Tiger's Battle with Destiny

Episode 28: Color Pandora, Guardian of the Forest

Episode 29: Farewell, My Friend

Episode 33: Battle in the Meadow

Episode 34: The Town that Disappeared

Episode 35: Battle with the Big Bad Four

Episode 63: The World Monster Cup: Naga Returns

English Voice
Scott McNeil

This is about the anime character. For the monster itself, see Naga.

Naga is one of Moo's Big Bad Four in the Monster Rancher anime series, his second-in-command and by far the cruelest of the Baddies. He is also the one with the most powerful underlings. A snake-like, reptilian and amphibian monster with sharp teeth, purple scales and sharp claws, Naga lives in a gigantic stone castle atop a mountain and governs the north of the Northern Continent. His anime appearance appears in a darker shade of purple in contrast to his game counterpart who is a shade of violet.

Season 1Edit

Naga attacked Holly's village under orders from Master Moo.

Season 2Edit

In Episode 28, a Cabalos informs him that Gray Wolf was defeated and asked to join his followers (interestingly enough, a Cabalos is part Tiger, part Naga). Naga takes him out in a single swipe and summons one of his most powerful henchmen, Stone Dragon (who was later defeated by the Color Pandoras). The henchmen who previously worked for other Big Bad Four members (such as the Kuros for Pixie, the Zuums for Gali, and the Jaggernauts for Gray Wolf) united under Naga after their previous masters were defeated and enjoyed to serve their new leader more than their original ones.

When Suezo finds out from Pixie and Big Blue that Naga is after them, the Searchers decide to attack him first. During the assault on his castle, the team fights valiantly, but it is overpowered and only gains the upper hand when a surprise attack from Mocchi leaves Naga hanging precariously over the side of one of the turrets. Even though they try to save him, Naga realizes that he's followed the path of darkness too long and decides to let go, falling to his death.

Season 3Edit

In Season 3, Naga is revived as a good monster and meets Genki again when he saves him from a ruffian Dokoo in a Kawrea pub. He explains that after being revived he had no techniques, so began training to learn them again. He agrees to be Mocchi's partner in the World Cup, something that everyone is excited about...except Suezo. His long-standing grudge against Naga for the destruction of his village hasn't gone away simply because Naga claims to be good now. Nevertheless, Naga competes alongside Mocchi in the tournament, even after finding out that their opponents are none other than Naga's old evil allies Gali and Sandy. Naga fights Gali and tries to convince him that becoming a Baddie again is not the way to find true strength. He is finally able to defeat him when the team (including Suezo) bands together and sends him their courage.


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