Role Scientist
Origin Monster Rancher 3
Home Pendant
Game(s) Monster Rancher 3

Nahze is an ancient Pendant scientist, known for his experiments with the Zan species. He was the first person to find and unlock a Zan disc and raised it after the Tochikans banned them. Seeing the Zan's bionic exoskeleton, Nahze grew curious about how it was able to function with such accuracy, and set about to try to modify it mechanically. He then enlists the help of Gadamon, who allows him to modify her Metanix. This original story is chronicled in Monster Rancher 3.

After Gadamon tests her modified monster on Maya's Suzurin, she decides to attack you with it. When she is beaten, she returns to Nahze and accuses you of attacking her. In retaliation for the destruction of his invention, Nahze attacks you himself with his newly-modified Zan.

Nahze loses the battle, and the Zan breaks free of its modifications. It is then that Nahze realizes that modifications can't make up for proper training...but he continues his experiments anyway. Unfortunately his efforts create a chain of events that surpass even the Final War and lead into the modern storyline of Monster Rancher 4, where another mad scientist has resumed Nahze's work and is secretly modifying monsters with machines--an act that was outlawed when the Monster Associations were organized. Because monster modification is part of what led to the Dark Times, and because modified monsters are often deemed too powerful for combat, the Associations ruled genetic or mechanical modification as cruelty to monsters.

Legend has it that in ancient times people used special methods to strengthen monsters, but the technology used was greatly harmful to the minds and bodies of the monsters, eventually causing them to go mad. This created a series of tragedies, until finally the technology itself was sealed away for good.
-"Ancient Technology" MR4

Monsters OwnedEdit

Debut Name Monster Description
Monster Rancher 3 Zan Zan

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