A list of all the Niton techniques throughout the games.

Name Type Effect/Damage Guts Hit Rate Range Description

Monster Rancher 2Edit

Stab POW D 12 C Close --> Numbing Stab
Numbing Stab POW D 15 C Close --> Electric Stab
Electric Stab POW C 25 D Close
Whip POW E 10 A Close
Sound Wave INT D 16 S Mid-Close --> Sound Wave L
Sound Wave L INT D 24 A Mid-Close --> Sound Wave X
Sound Wave X INT D 35 S Mid-Close
Numbing Whip POW Sharp / D 19 D Mid-Close --> Electric Whip
Electric Whip POW Sharp / C 28 D Mid-Close --> Million Whips (good)
Million Whips POW B 35 D Mid-Close
Shock INT D 19 D Mid-Far --> Severe Shock
Severe Shock INT C 26 D Mid-Far --> Maximal Shock
Maximal Shock INT B 35 D Mid-Far
Niton Ink INT Wither / E 20 B Mid-Far
Shell Attack POW B 35 C Far Requires 450 Power to use
Spiked Shell POW B 40 C Far
Violent Shell POW A 50 D Far

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