The Northern Continent is a bit of a misnomer, since about half of the continent is a long peninsula extending past the equator. But because more of the continent is in the northern hemisphere than any of the others, it has been deemed the "northern-most continent." This continent is home to the FIMBA organization, and is known for its rich history, both ancient and recent.

Much of the landscape on the continent is as it was before the divide. The upper half is mostly covered in the Brillia tundra and is a monarchy, called the Nettle Kingdom. The gameplay of Monster Farm DS, Monster Rancher DS, and some of Monster Rancher 4 happens here.

The peninsula is a much different story. After being occupied heavily by Moo's forces (Gali, Naga and Gray Wolf all had strong holds on the continent), the political situation has taken quite a while to stabilize. From the time the Searchers land on the continent in Episode 16 of the anime series, they spend up until the Season 2 finale traveling up the spine of the country, following the Kamalaku Mountains. The gameplay of Monster Rancher 1 and some of Monster Rancher 4 happens here.