Nycta MR4

An avian breed of Suezo that has white feathers on its head and dark feathers on its tail, much like a bald eagle. It also has feathered wings on either side of its head and a plume on its forehead. Its sharp beak can make it dangerous.

Etymology Edit

Nycta is likely short for Nyctanassa, a genus of night herons.


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 4 "The Nycta's large, wide beak snaps up every last bit of food in sight. If you don't watch out, it just might snap you up, too!"
Monster Rancher EVO "Nycta can eat anything in one bite with its big, wide beak. Be careful not to become its next meal." Nycta MREvo
Monster Rancher Advance 2 N/A
My Monster Rancher N/A Nycta MMR


  • To obtain a Nycta in Monster Rancher 4, use
  • To obtain a Nycta in Monster Rancher EVO, use
  • To obtain a Nycta in Monster Rancher Advance 2, use the passwords ghij or EC+D.
  • To obtain a Nycta in My Monster Rancher, use

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