Ogyo MR4

Ogyos are pink, sturgeon-like fish that first appeared in Monster Rancher 3. Unlike regular fish, however, they travel by "swimming" through the air instead of actually swimming through water (although they are capable of doing both). They have a heart-shaped headpiece and semitransparent yellow ribbons coming from either side of their heads.

Ogyos rely on far-range attacks like ice beams and thunder that draw upon their own Life force, and their best stats are usually Intelligence and Speed. Ogyos have been described as being slightly domineering, and because they are proud, they are sometimes difficult to raise because of the stress level. When combined, they create beautiful, princess-like monsters.


Its name comes from the mythical Greek island of Ogygia, mentioned in Homer's Odyssey as home of the beautiful sea nymph Calypso.


Game Description Image
Monster Rancher 3 "This magnificent maiden is the most elegant of them all. Because of its great pride, you must be careful how you treat it." Ogyo MR3
Monster Rancher 4 "With her beautiful appearance and elegant battle style, she's nicknamed the "Noblewoman of the Stadium." She's so popular, her fans flock to cheer her on." Ogyo MR4
Monster Farm DS Ogyo MFDS
Monster Rancher DS "The Ogyo has numerous fans. Its beautiful and graceful fighting style has earned this popular creature the nickname of 'Stadium Lady.'"
Monster Farm Lagoon Seen in the trailer for the game, but does not appear as a playable monster.
My Monster Rancher "The Ogyo is a fish-like monster that is a high achiever and always tries to look beautiful. Its elegant manners and appearance attract a lot of people." Ogyo MMR


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