Plains of Papas
is an area on Bubalook that includes the plains and foothills on the inside edge of the curve of the Torles Mountains, known for its great grazing land that is fed by Bubalook Bay. It is combined with Torles as a place for errantries in Monster Rancher 2, and is alot like a grassy savannah region. It could possibly include the village that the Searchers save from a collapsing dam in Episode 7 of the anime series, and also the farming villages that they pass through at the beginning of season 3, including Tama's plantation and the Wondars' Village. Not to be confused with the Papas Alps, a large mountain range on the Northern Continent.

In Episode 58, Mum Mew announces that the Searchers are leaving Papas, after competing in the M-1 Grand Prix in Papas City.

In Monster Rancher DS, you can find an item to unlock Durahan in the Papas highlands.


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