Papas Alps
If you're thinking that the Papas Alps are somewhere near the plains of the Papas Highlands, you're completely wrong. While the Papas highlands lie at the base of the Torles Mountains on Bubalook, the Papas Alps stretch from the Brillia Snowfield up around the curve of the Northern Continent.

The Alps are known to be the most treacherous mountain range on Pangaea, home to its second-tallest peak: Mt. Kairus. Most of the peaks are snow-covered year-round, and much too steep and unstable to climb. In Monster Rancher DS you find out that Borgan is actually just a few hours' hike from the western edge of the range, and often BOMBA students go there looking to prove themselves.

This mountain range is featured prominently near the end of Season 2 of the anime series, where many of the mountains are destroyed in the battle between Moo and the Phoenix.

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